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 Welcome to the Merivale Physiotherapy Clinic

 Our staff are committed to providing you professional, quality care treatments and rehabilitation programmes. 


As the colder months approach we all need to maintain and improve our activity programmes. Winter sport has commenced and it is important that any niggles get addressed before they stop you doing the activities you love. At the Merivale Physiotherapy Clinic we can facilitate, encourage and coach you to increase your activities. We are only closed for statutory days.


Jan Smith and her staff (Olivia Moody, Annabel Eberlein and Katherine Ludbrook) are dedicated to treating a wide range of musculoskeletal, respiratory and older person's health conditions. We understand that keeping active is a vital part of managing pain, injuries and stress. Our expert team is focused to ensure quality professional assessment and treatment of our clients. We will work with you to develop and individualise self management programme to prevent injury. We advise addressing injuries quickly before they become chronic conditions. Come and see us at the Merivale Physiotherapy Clinic.


In Canterbury we are seeing a lot of injuries due to falls on uneven surfaces. Many footpaths and roads have been damaged in the earthquakes. The majority of falls are preventable. Our physiotherapists can work with you to improve your strength and balance and reduce your risk of falling. Just try balancing on one leg for 5 seconds. If you can't achieve this, then you need our help!


Merivale Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd and Canterbury Occupational Health Services Merge

Merivale Physiotherapy Clinic has a vocational rehabilitation arm of the business which provides functional return to work programmes for those who have suffered injuries. Talk to your physiotherapist to find out what is the best plan is for your rehabilitation and we can help you to get back to work. Phone 03 355 9775 or 027 244 0406

Pre-Employment Screening

Are you thinking of employing new staff and want to make sure they are physically fit for the job? Then we can help you. Jan and her team have undergone specialist pre-employment screening assessment training and can match your job description to a range of functional tests that meet the same physical demands as your job. The assessment can also highlight any pre-existing weakness or injuries that could impact on your new employee in your work place. Ring and discuss this opportunity to make the right employment choice rather than trial the "90 day's" and find your new employee has an injury in this period which will impact your ACC employment rating level. Ring and discuss with Jan what can be offered 03 355 9775 or 027 244 0406.  

Jan, Olivia, Annabel and Katherine have undertaken time out for ongoing learning and professional development with regular inservices, courses and seminars. We are committed to keeping abreast of current research. Our skilled therapists provide expert advice utilising the latest techniques including kinesio taping, manual and manipulative therapy, exercise prescription and falls prevention.

We pride ourselves with providing quality treatment sessions of 40 minutes duration instead of short no frills sessions of 15-20 minutes. Our patient satisfaction surveys consistently comment on the quality of service they receive at our practice and the fact that we spend time explaining pathologies and discussing treatment options with them. Overall we feel this leads to better outcomes.

Remember your body deserves the best of care.

 Keep active!!




Our staff are committed to providing quality care treatments and rehabilitation programmes.

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- Back Pain
- Muscle Strains
- Shoulder Pain
- Fractures
- Nerve Injuries
- Knee Pain
- Ankle Injuries
- Work Related Injuries
- Arthritis
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