Our Services

The Merivale Musculoskeletal Clinic is an accredited practice meeting the Allied Health Service Sector Standards providing a full range of services with our staff being committed to using evidence based practice in our treatments while also undertaking regular professional development and weekend post graduate courses.

At the the Merivale Physiotherapy Clinic we treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal related conditions including:

Muscle / Joint StrainsTendonitis / TendopathiesTennis / Golfer’s Elbow
Neck Pain SyndromesWhiplashShoulder PainLow Back Pain / Strain
Nerve Injuries
Post Surgical
Knee Pain
Ankle Injuries
Foot Pain
Work Related Injuries
Acute Arthritis conditions

In conjunction with doctors, nutritionalists and primary health care organisations, The Merivale Physiotherapy Clinic has developed prescriptive exercise programmes to help manage the more chronic conditions and to prevent injury and promote wellness for the following conditions:
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol

Through our approach with these conditions it is our goal to achieve:

A reduction in the deterioration of the condition
Less need for surgery
Greater engagement in overall exercise
Less dependency on prescription medication and their side effects.
Over all health benefits for the patient in keeping with the New Zealand Health Strategy.

You do not have to have an injury or pain before seeing our physiotherapists. We are also trained to advise on safety considerations if you are thinking of re-starting exercise after a considerable time out. Our goal is to prevent you sustaining an injury so that you can enjoy exercising and improve your quality of life.

Let us assess your:

General Cardiovascular fitness analysis
Flexibility (Biomechanical Analysis)
Core Strength (Small core muscle strength testing)
General Strength ( Large Global Muscle strength testing)

At the Merivale Clinic, we share rooms with The Merivale Hand Therapy Clinic so we are happy to refer you to their specialised service and we also have a close working relationship with the Merivale Podiatry Clinic (next door) should you require their services.