Benefits of Biking

Almost any sort of knee problem can benefit from biking! Focal articular cartilage defects in the knee joint are highly prevalent and are a common cause of functional restrictions and pain during daily life and sport activities. There are three phases of rehabilitation for optimum healing of knee cartilage.

1. Initial protection and activation

This may include rest, ice, elevation, compression, supportive taping, using a walking aid, avoiding aggravating activities, maintaining static strength, hip strengthening, cycling

2. Loading and functional restoration

This phase involves achieving full active and passive movement, gait retraining, manual physiotherapy mobilizations, functional movement strengthening, cycling, balance exercises, cycling

3. Activity restoration

Sport-specific strengthening, cardiovascular training, dynamic strengthening, cycling

Throughout all three phases cycling has proven to aid recovery. The bike provides cyclic dynamic movements in the available range of movement in a non-weight bearing position. This movement supports mechanical stimulation of the cartilage cells and increases synovial fluid nutrition to the healing tissue.

Referance: Barbara Wondrasch P.T.,Ph.D. St Poelten Univeristy, Sports Medical Journal, Aspertar Volume 5, Issue 2